About our US branch

Something from history of our new branch in the United states. Since we have been more and more cooperating with our global customers , we have been asked to also provide our services in the United states for their US customers and their own branches. We have started with company Redecam s.p.a Italy to fabricate, deliver and erected dedusting systems in lime and cement plants.

In the year 2005 we have done our first job in lime plant Black river, KY and from that time we have done several similar projects for various end customers and one job was done also in Canada. Our last job was installation of robotic line for tire handling in Tire factory in Mt. Vernon, IL. Since our customer are asking us to be more close to them and the US market is great opportunity with a lot of high level technologies we have decided to open branch in US to be able to provide our knowhow services faster, in high quality at the right price using our 60 years experiences.

Our core bussines from past till now are lime and cement plants where we are able to provide complete range of services – we are able to fabricate, deliver and erect all different parts and equipments (rotary kilns, shaft kilns, ball mills, coolers, dedusting filters), machines (crushers, screens, airslides, screw conveyors), we also have our specialists in diagnostic team, which can provide measurements of mechanical parts (such is kilns, ball mills, rollers) , they can do analysis of problem and provide you with solutions and our erection team can make this solution happended under their supervision, which brings to you complete service from one company. We have also 3D ultrasonic measure device to check welds especially in places where is desired to have perfect welds (kiln shells, ball mill shells etc.) . Also we can provide you with special methods of repair of roller and tires – without stopping the equipment we can proceed with repair during operating of your kiln, drum, mill, dryer – your big gain is not to loose production and have repair done during operation.

Our experienced team is ready to help you to get your equipment ready .